Monday, 27 August 2012

Fukushima Summer - 18 months after tsunami

September 11th marks 18 months since the triple disaster hit Japan’s Tohoku region. To mark this milestone, the IFRC together with the Japanese Red Cross has produced a set of communications products telling the stories of survivors’ daily lives in the disaster area. These include a 6-minute mini-documentary, Fukushima Summer, which focused on the life of an 11-year-old girl, Airi, who lives in Fukushima. People in the area are still making use of  scanning equipment, provided by the Red Cross, to check radiation levels in food and in their own bodies and permanent homes are just starting to be rebuilt. The film follows Airi to a Red Cross summer camp in the northern island of Hokkaido for children from all over the disaster area. Here children  gain strength from their experiences and learn to  help their communities on the road to recovery.

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Marja said...

so great to see that the children have some fun. It is so important to put your mind on something else.
The worry most be enormous. I can't even imagen. I remember that the food in Holland was contaminated about 25 years ago because of Chernobyl and remember the fearit caused eventhough it was a big distance from Holland.
My heart goes out to all these people and good to see all the great work from the Red cross