Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Brendon McCullum secret to Cricket World Cup success


Brendon mccullum
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Is Brendon McCullum our World Cup secret weapon?

A World Cup is like a jigsaw puzzle, if the pieces fit together and work in tandem you feel a sense of accomplishment and end up staring at a magnificent picture in front of you, but if they don't fit, frustration rises. The puzzle will remains unfinished and then the 'what ifs' start to circulate.
The Black Caps have provided the New Zealand public with several highs and lows over the past decade or two. This current team is beginning to consistently provide highs, silence critics and get recognition from around the globe, especially from our neighbours across the ditch.
Come February 14, the most anticipated month-and-a-half of cricket this country will ever see will begin, as we try to achieve something never done before.
If current form is anything to go by we may as well get the trophy engraved now, but World Cups are different. Things don't go to plan, Kane Williamson gets a golden duck and the dream is over.
Where the Black Caps stand above the rest is the depth they've created over the past 18 months. They have players maturing at the right time and most importantly winning games from unwinnable positions. This gives the team confidence and the knowledge they can win even when they're behind the eight ball.

 The successful NZ test cricket team who defeated Sri Lanka 2-0 in the recent series.

The naming of the squad sprung a few surprises, such as Jimmy Neesham missing out to Grant Elliott, and the most promising pace bowler in the country, Matt Henry, piped at the finish by an injury-free Kyle Mills. Elliott and Mills may offer the same skill set as those who missed out, but experience makes up for that in spades, and entering a World Cup it is a crucial statistic to take into consideration.
In all likelihood neither Mills nor Elliott will make the final XI so it's more important what they offer off the field than on it.
To win a tournament like the World Cup, x-factor is a prerequisite and we have a little gem in Brendon McCullum. His blazing half century off 19 balls the other week showed us what this man can do, and if he can replicate his form of 2014 to the World Cup it's fair to say we'll win more games than we lose.

His captaincy will also will be integral to this team. His 'never say never' attitude rubs off on each player and lifts their skill set to the next level. His strategic mind and brilliant attacking captaincy makes him the most innovative and proactive captain in the world.He's managed to gather a team of typical New Zealand cricketers and build a team culture and environment where they believe they can be the best and beat the best.
 His captaincy will also will be integral to this team. His 'never say never' attitude rubs off on each player and lifts their skill set to the next level. His strategic mind and brilliant attacking captaincy makes him the most innovative and proactive captain in the world.
We seem to have every box ticked, quality seam bowlers, brilliant spinner, two genius batsman, the x-factor, an extraordinary fielding unit and experience. The only thing missing is that massive trophy.
On March 29, we will meet a team with the exactly same attributes as those above. Then we will know if we are the best in the world or just the best of the rest.
It doesn't matter if we win or just make the semis like we usually do, there will be no denying that this tournament will capture the public's imagination, and be a once in a lifetime spectacle. Having the trophy in the cabinet for the next four years will be just be the icing we really deserve.

 Thanks to Stuff NZ for permission to run this article by GAVIN POOLE


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