Saturday, 5 March 2016

Another stint in Nepal - The Himalaya

I first visited Nepal in 1975 when I worked for the International Red Cross, supporting the Nepal Red Cross conducting a national disaster preparedness programme.

Some months after the massive earthquake struck Nepal on April 25 2015, I returned to Nepal to work again. Here are some of the photos I have taken.

                                                     Mt. Everest taken from Kala Pattar

                                                                          Ama Dablam
                                            Another view of Mt. Everest and the west ridge.
                                                     On the Lumding La with Sherpa Neema.

                                            From Pokhara looking up to the Himalaya
                                         With two Sherpas from Kumjung, Domalay and Neema
                                             A young Tibetan girl in  Namche Bazaar

                                                     Ama Dablam on the walk in from Lukla
                                                                    Langtang peak
                                      Houses hign in the Himalaya damaged by earthquake

                                    Carrying earthquake supplies to the higher Langtang region

                                                                              Ama Dablam


                                                                Carpet making
                                                               A Sherpa village


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