Monday, 6 February 2012

President Rajapaksa declared open Chawakatchcheri base hospital - funded by Finnish Red Cross

The President of Sri Lanka visited Jaffna yesterday and declared open the newly constructed Chawakatchcheri base hospital which is funded by the Finnish Red Cross and Finnish Government.

President Rajapaksa wrote the name of first patient admitted to the hospital on the name board.

The Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda,Minister of Heath Maithripala Sirisene , Governor of the Northern Province Maj.Gen.G.A.Chandrasiri and members of the Sri Lanka Red Cross several other officials were also present at this occasion.

The Finnish Red Cross and the Sri Lanka Red Cross have worked tirelessly over the past few years especially Wardell (Woody) Eastwood representing the Finnish Red Cross and his team who supervised construction. In December last year, Kristina Kumpala Secretary General of the Finnish Red Cross, and John Ekelund visited  Chawakatchcheri base hospital to see for themselves this high quality base hospital.

                               Inside one of the wards at the Chawakatchcheri base hospital

I visited the hospital myself two weeks ago in Jaffna and was impressed with this outstanding medical facility. The Sri Lanka Red Cross will continue to provide ambulance services in Jaffna, hospital volunteers and first aid training.

A few weeks ago the Finnish Ambassador to Sri Lanka who is based in New Delhi came with her 1st secretary and spoke to me about this gesture of solidarity which will enhance the relationship between Finland and Sri Lanka.

Chawakatchcheri base hospital funded by Finnish red Cross and Government.


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