Sunday, 4 March 2012

The European Alps from Geneva and the air

It was a real joy to be back in Geneva last week and to see the Alps from all angles in France, and the Austrian and Swiss Alps from the air. I first climbed here in the winter of 1975 with an unsuccessful ascent of Mt. Blanc. We were camped in a tent quite high on Mt. Blanc when a snow storm struck, dumping a metre of snow. It was a real survival descent during which I quickly gained respect for the European Alps.
The Swiss and French Alps merge into one. Taken on a flight from Zurich to Geneva. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Mont Blanc in the centre and the heart of the French Alps. Photo: Bob McKerrow

The Swiss Alps south of the Bernese Oberland. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Mont Blanc the highest point in the European Alps taken a few years ago when I drove from Chamonix, Argentiere to Sion and Zematt. Photo: Bob McKerrow
The Austrain Alps nearing Innsbruk. Photo: Bob McKerrow

Just a week ago, my old friend from New Zealand. James Wiolliamson and I climbed to the top of the Saleve in France where we got a great view of Lake Geneva and the Jura mountains.The view of the Alps was obscured by cloud. Photo: Bob McKerrow

This was the view we were hoping for from the top of the Saleve, but the view was obscured by cloud. I found this poster at the telepherique station on the Saleve. Photo: Bob McKerrow

While the Alps get all the attention, the Jura which flank Lake Geneva in France and Switzerland, provide wonderful winter skiing and walking. Photo: Bob McKerrow