Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Leaving for Christchurch tomorrow - Total knee replacements on both knees

This is what I am in for early next week. Two total knee replacements.

Yes, its off to Christchurch tomorrow. Jakarta-Singapore-Christchurch. These are my two favourite photos of Christchurch above and below,

After decades of marathon running, tramping, climbing, skiing, triathlons, lugging heavy packs full of hut repair equipment up to tramping club huts, and later resupplying huts in the Mt. Cook National Park, my knees have finally given up. No cartilage, just bone on bone. The quality of life is going. So I have taken the big decision !

So next Tuesday in Christchurch my orthopaedic surgeon Ed Newman is going to put me under the knife for total knee replacements on both knees. I am looking forward to the operation and a full recovery that will get me up into the higher mountains again.

I just received a note from my good friend Paterika, a Poet Laureate from Barbados
and I give my reply that explains a little more about why I am having the operation.

Kia Ora Paterika

Thanks for your blessings and prayers. I need all the help I can get to make this a full recovery. At my age, I feel I should be able to play football with the boys, climb moderate mountains and get back the mobility I had five years ago. Its an exciting time and I have a great surgeon in Christchurch, Ed Newman, who, with his first class skills, enables crippled shepherds to ride again, fishermen to fish, women marathon runners who have given up, able to run again etc. So I am sure Ed will have me out climbing again.
When I was director of the New Zealand Outward Bound school I used to quote the philosophy of its founder, Kurt Hahn. He said " your disability is your opportunity." Had it not been for my knees restricting my movement I would not have written my last two books, nor would I have been blogging. So its time to turn my disability into another opportunity.



I am going to get something like this new Knee system which was launched in March this year. If you are interested, have a read.

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Triathlon PKR is the industry's first partial knee resurfacing product
that utilizes Stryker's X3 advanced bearing technology, which has demonstrated
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Potential benefits of partial knee resurfacing include a quicker operation
and a shorter hospital stay-with the procedure in some cases being performed
on an outpatient basis (<24 hours)-as compared to a total knee replacement.(2)
With Triathlon PKR, less bone is removed and there is often less trauma to
soft tissue during surgery, which may leave the patient with a more natural
feeling knee than with a total knee replacement.(3) The device is also
anatomically shaped and designed to enable surgeons to use the latest
minimally invasive surgical techniques, which may result in a smaller scar for
the patient.
Also unveiled today is Stryker's Triathlon TS Revision System, which is
designed to provide Triathlon performance in a streamlined revision procedure.
The intuitive and evolutionary design is based on the Triathlon Primary System
and millions of Stryker knee implantations. The Triathlon TS Revision System
is designed to provide improved motion(4), better fit(5) and the potential for
greater implant longevity(6)(7).
The Triathlon TS Revision System is also the only revision knee system
with X3 bearing technology and "post preservation features," which aid in
alleviating the stresses typically exerted on a stabilizing post in a revision
Stryker will be showcasing its Triathlon PKR and TS Knee Systems at the
2008 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in San Francisco,
March 4 through March 8 at booth #4946.


Paterika Hengreaves said...

Kia ora Bob

Just came on line and saw your blog and it made me so sad but the information you provided on your knee problem and surgery techniques available lifted my spirits. Education does trunk fear, as for me in this case. No doubt, your career path over the years have these built-in hazards which would come as no surprise. So you have made the right decision to have the surgery. The advances in science are on your size.

Oh Bob, I wish for you much success in your surgery and full recovery. The place where you are going to have it done spells good karma (Christchurch) and I'm praying that all things go well for you. You have done and continue give much for the advancement of scientific pursuits and now it is time that science reach out to you at this time, and which I know it will. God bless you my friend and I shall be waiting for you on the trail with your revitalised feet. Meanwhile I have much work to do, read your other blogs during the course of this week.

To you Bob and your family,

Ka kite ano

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Kia Ora Paterika

Thanks for your blessings and prayers. I need all the help I can get to nmake this a full recovery. At my age, I feel I should be able to play football with the boys, climb moderate mountains and get back the mobility I had five years ago. Its an exciting time and I have a great surgeon in Christchuch, Ed Newman, who, with his first class skills, enables crippled shepherds to ride again, fishermen to fish, women marathon runners who have given up, able to run again etc. So I am sure Ed will have me out climbing again.
When I was director of the New Zealand Outward Bound school I used to quote the philosophy of its founder, Kurt Hahn. He said " your disability is your opportunity." Had it not been for my knees restricting my movement I would not have written my last two books, nor would I have been blogging. So its time to turn my disability into another opportunity.



Marja said...

I am sorry for your knee problems but I am sure you are in good hands and that you will be up and running again soon. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery and look good after yourself. I sent you my blessings.
Also welcome to Christchurch again. I've got a simular photo from Christchurch made from Cashmere Hill . Is that Colombostreet or am I wrong.
ka kite ano Marja

Unknown said...

Hey Bob

Indulged myself with a couple of hours in your archives, as I have been meaning to for a while.

No wonder your knees are done in (I'm surprised your head isn't as well).

Loved the story of having a few more jugs with Keith Murdoch at the pub in Ravensbourne! It's a shame Dennis Glover and Tom Crean weren't there as well!

pohanginapete said...

A bit late with this comment, as you'll be on your way, but nevertheless, all the best, Bob. I've had one or two minor knee injuries this year — enough to keep me out of the hills — and I can imagine how frustrating your knee problems must have been. At least they were the result of doing what you love :^)

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Dear Marja

Hey, I arrived in Ch Ch today. What a beautiful day. Been shopping for pyjamas for the operation next week. I know have the first pair of pyjamas I have ever owned. My daughter Aroha took me shopping and we had so much fun, fooling around and laughing at the world.

Ka kite ano. Bob

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Dear Jamie

How is life in China ? You must be leaving soon.

When I was drinking with Keith Murdoch at the pub in Ravensbourne, Dennis Glover, Tom Crean, Shackleton, Nelson Mandela, Norm Kirk and Hone Tuwhare were there. They are always with me in spirit and inspiration.

Hit Ch Ch this morning. Why the hell are we living overseas. Such a beautiful city. Tom Crean Shackleton, Scott and I all left Ch Ch to go to Antarctica. Coincidence or not ? Take care my son.


Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Thanks Pete.

Just spoke to Robin Judkins of Coast to Coast notority, and we are thinking of having a farewell party to my old knees on Monday night before the op on Tuesday. He says he will hire a band that can play Knees up Mother Brown and the group, believe it or not, is not the Bee Gees, but the Bees Knees !

Want to join us ?


Unknown said...

Bob you old bastard...so you've realised that the red and black heartland and home of the 2008 Air New Zealand Cup champions and 2008 Super 14 champions is the place to be! Hope the op goes well.....give me a yell in Wellington on 04 472 8883. Cheers! JT

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Tulloch you old son of a Southlander living in Wellington an claim erroneously to be a Cantabrian.

Yes, have found a good surgeon born in Ch Ch but had to be tarined in Dunedin.

I am so happy Phil Goff is now leading the opposition. I believe he will be the next PM after meat pie. Do you think he can do it ?

Will give you a call. Who are you cheering for on Sunday morning ? The Irish or AB ?



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You are most welcome.

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