Saturday, 6 December 2014

October 1972, Hurricane Bebe Fiji.

October 1972, Hurricane Bebe Fiji. My first Typhoon or Hurricane relief operation. I was the IFRC 'Flying Squad ' member, the forerunner of FACT when they sent in one person to work with the affected national Red Cross Society. The New Zealand Government sent me in with a C-130 (Hercules plane) and a helicopter to do an assessment with Fiji Red Cross. An aerial assessment of the mainland (Veti Levu) and 70 remote islands was done in 3 days. Forty two years later I am working on the massive Typhoon Yolande (Haiyan) operation in the Philippines with an equally destructive Typhoon Ruby soon to make landfall. What have I learned in 42 years? Volunteers at community level is what it is all about, and that is the strength of the Philippine Red Cross. Good luck guys, I know you will deliver with passion, professionalism and dedication. A photo from 72 below, unloading NZ milk powder.
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