Saturday, 13 December 2008

From blog to BBQ, Icebreaker to Antarctica

Front row l to r: Bob Headland, Robin Judkins and Bob McKerrow. Back row: Ed Cotter, Suzanne and Phil Ryder, Tara Kloss and Colin Monteath Photo: Robb Kloss

We had a rip-roaring barbecue last night with new friends I have met via the blog, and I invited my old friends who I have met through climbing and Antarctica. New friends Robb and Tara Kloss flew down to Christchurch for a five day holiday, Jamie drove down from Arthur's Pass where he runs an outdoor centre, so we have had an opportunity to talk about mountains, communications and blogs.

It is almost four weeks since I had total knee replacements in both knee and my recovery is well underway, so it was an opportunity to celebrate my new found health. and Jamie Stewart,

Bob McKerrow, Robb Kloss and Ed Cotter.

Robin Judkins, artist and Mr. Coast to Coast, Ed Cotter who climbed with Ed Hillary before he climbed Mt. Everest, Colin and Betty Monteath, owners of the world's largest outdoor photographic library, Colin and Betty brought Bob Headland who had just arrived in Lyttleton aboard a Russian icebreaker heading for Antarctica. He had a 24 hour stopover and made the most of a good supply of Red Wine I had got for the evening.

Bob Headland is a Senior Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge. His principal interest is historical geography, specifically concerning human effects on polar regions. Bob is an adviser to several expeditionary organizations, departments of government, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of the Institute for Historical Research of the University of London.

Bob Headland (left) and me, Bob McKerrow (right)

His published works include books and numerous articles on his specializations. In 1984, he was decorated with the Polar Medal and is a member of both the Arctic Club and the Antarctic Club. Robert has written many books and wrote the classic, Chronology Of Antarctic Exploration and The Island of South Georgia.

So it was a grand gathering with my daughters Aroha and Ruia helping with the food, and Gavin making a splendid BBQ. As I post this, Bob Headland's Russian Icebreaker is leaving Lyttleton for the Antarctic. Celebrations are an important part of my life.


Marja said...

Happy you had a great time and interesting guests. Everytime I drop your name in Christchurch they know you. I had dinner with people from one job and one lady from the committee called Denise is a tourist guide and is going to do the silk route next year and is working for these people you talked about on your blog from
the West Coast.
My sons LA and outdoor education teacher Peter met you as well.
What a small world

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Yes its small world, and seems to get smaller at Christmas. Pity you couldn't join us. Robb and I will try and meet you this week if possible.

Take care.


pohanginapete said...

Bob, your whole life seems, in one way or another, like a celebration. Even when you write about things that should drive decent people to despair, I'm encouraged because you're a reminder that good people who care, and who love life, will prevail.

I'd have loved to have been able to join you for that barbecue :^)

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Kia Ora Pete

I read somewhere when a teenager that one should drink life to the lees. When I got into wine making I discovered what the lees are.

I feel modern city living has robbed us of ceremony and symbolism, and we need to mark events a celebration. Tomorrow I am celebrating four weeks since my knee operation with a picnic in the park.

You are always welcome to any future celebrations. I love your blog and each posting drips with compassion and craftsmenship.

Cheers mate


Robin said...

Well I have never commented on someones Blog before. But hay theres always a 1st. Im drawn to your blog because of my dad.... were taking a south isl trip this Christmas and dad mentioned the McKerrow name and Lake wanaka. So I did some surfing of the web and ended up at your blog site. Wow are you leading an interesting life or what... So to my question. My Dad's interested in finding family. and weve come up against a brick wall, ending at the Mekerrow name. So where to from here.... Well Ive got a few family names We could match up. I guess that is if your a decendant of the McKerow clan?. I know that could be a blonde question.... Any how's heres some names. we have a William Mekerrow married Elizabeth Leckie in 1874. kids 1875 Mary & James, 1877 Agnus, then Anne then Nell & Kitty. Were decended from Mary, who married Alexandar Watson in 1902. Look forward to your reply. And hope the Knees are getting better every day. after reading your blog you dont sound like the sorta guy that likes sitting down long.

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Dear Bob

Thanks for your comments. It ios always good to expand the network as there are many ways we can help each other.

I hope you have a rewarding trip to New Zealand. I have a blog on James McKerrow, my great grand father, jamesmckerrowsurveyor. which has more detail.

Are you a McKerrow or do you see McKerrow on your family tree ? The names you gave me dont figure on my family tree. I will keep looking and get back if I find anything.

I don't think I will let grass grow under my feet now my new knees are starting to work. I hope to get back into climbing again.

Enjoy New Zealand.


Robin said...

sorry I steared you wrong there, I live in Rotorua.A New Zealander for 45yrs. Im a Hunt now but my Maiden name was Watson, McKerrow is in my family tree. Ive read your Blog on James McKerrow but couldnt find any info on his family. e.g Brothers sisters. just thought My great great grandmonther Mary McKerrow may feature some place in James Mckerrow;s family tree. I'll keep searching, Maybe when We visit Wanaka. Thanks for your comments. And good luck with the climbing. Rob.

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Hi Rob

I will keep looking and get back to you. Take care.


MancosPhilip said...

Hi Bob,

Speaking of small world...

I just stumbled into your interesting blog because of the reference to Bob Headland. The day of your BBQ, I had just disembarked from the same icebreaker Bob H. was aboard. I enjoyed meeting him and spending a month in the Antarctic. I'm glad you got to spend some time with him, share some wine as well! At that same time I was up in Auckland sharing some food and wine with old friends there.

In parting, I just want to say New Zealand is such a wonderful place to come to when leaving the ice. And thank you for your interesting blog!

Philip Walters
Mancos, Colorado

Bob McKerrow - Wayfarer said...

Dear Philip

Thanks for you comments on Bob Headland. You must of had a great trip South too. It was fun to spend time with Bob and we had a memorable evening.

Please you enjoyed New ZSealand.

Thanks for the feedback on my blog.

Warm regards


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